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Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely chuffed to little Rainbow pieces that our very own Barry Pride is up for a big, shiny, Award.

The inaugural event is, quite rightly in my view, one of the runners for Bro Radio’s Community Event of the Year.

Pride events, with their respectful nod to our Stonewall Riot sisters of 1969, are absolutely crucial for celebrating, and supporting, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer acceptance plus, of course our loud and proud pride.

And its not just about those LGBTQ being able to celebrate who they are in a safe space, it’s also about the ever powerful Allies who show up in solidarity.

So just imagine the very massive message we would send if our free, fun, and for all, Barry Pride, took the top spot – once again proving what a cracking cohesive community we are.

And, truth be told, it was bloody lush too wasn’t it.

I’ll never forget what a warm, fuzzy feeling I got from seeing so many people take to the streets of our town to support our queer community.

Even my Mum got involved – taking her first ever Pride very much in her stride, as did many others who turned up and turned it on.

As for me, I was in my element, right from the initial idea, through all the fabulous, fruity, fringe events, to the the big, bold, Barrybados celebration that topped off that wonderful week.

Couldn’t quite believe it, as I donned my favourite Rainbow socks, and picked up my obligatory whistle, that I was actually going off to be loud and proud in my hometown for the first time ever…well, at an official event anyway!

Awww, remember how heartening it was last September to stroll through the High Street and see almost the whole of Barry – straight, gay, young, old – and everything in between, supporting the first ever queer event of its kind.

Big respect to Hannah and crew for kicking the whole thing off, to Spectrum for sponsoring – I often smile to myself in the mirror when packing the powder on my freebie Rainbow make up brush.

And, of course, to the scores of other rallying residents, organisations, and businesses, who threw themselves in to the whole experience with gay abandon – some of us more than others obviously.

I loved the super start at Academy too, the world and her wife were there.

And, I’m not going to lie to you, I was also quite partial to the post Parade shenanigans there afterwards. Beautiful Barry certainly knows how to party…and then some.

Massive shout out to all the wider South Wales LGBT community who came, at the fag end of a knackering Pride Season 2019, to celebrate with us. Thank you – there’s always a warm welcome for you here.

So how can you show all the lovely LGBT love again – and get Barry Pride on the podium.

Well, its as easy as waving a Rainbow flag really, just click on this link, place your vote and keep doing it as many times as you like.

The sponsors of the category, Barry Round Table, are giving the Community, many of whom support one or all of the events, the final say on who should win. The votes will be combined equally with the Judging Panel’s scores.

Barry Pride founder Hannah Isted said : “We would love for the first Pride in Barry to win this award and we would be so grateful for your support. Thank you.”

Votes are open until 11:59pm on Saturday 29th February. The winner will be unveiled on Saturday 21st March 2020 at Bro Radio’s Community Awards.

Good luck to the other top two contenders – GlastonBarry, and Sully Fest. Truth be told, I’ve been to the former but never the latter, and I’d like to see our very community focused Cadstock up there next time too.

But, for me, for now, it’s all about showing our LGBT loudly for Barry Pride – that free, fun, inclusive, open, and ground breaking event that brought our community even closer together.

And, which will, and believe me, I’m keeping everything crossed, see the start of an annual occasion.

We are certainly here, and we are certainly queer so thank you all for making our LGBT life so lush.

Please vote Barry Pride!

Speak soon.




Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

Queer News is where Sue writes about her LGBT life – the happy times, and the hot issues. This includes all the volunteer work she does in the queer community, and her role as a founding member of LGBTQymru.

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Mrs SVJ, Barry’s Boldest Blogger, can be contacted here.