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A heartfelt ‘Heads Up’ to all you robust recyclers who nip out at the fag end of a dark and dank evening to chuck the empties out.

This week I have a cautionary tale of a very fabulous friend of mine who did just that – and found a would-be robber reclining in her refuse!

Jeesus, no one expects to go get rid of the mandatory Saturday Night Take Away tubs – and find a burly bloke loitering in the communal bin store.

Of course, the moody male when challenged, offered some mumbled words about the rain, a mouthful of the usual misogynist abuse, then predictably legged it.

I was ready to get changed in a phone box, don my cape and give chase but the hoodie wearing character was well on his toes by then.

This is shocking. Although, to be honest, I’m not sure whether I was more surprised that he was there…or that he could actually get into the bloody bin store.

The amount of recycling receptacles still waiting to be collected, you couldn’t swing the proverbial cat in mine…and that’s without any communal capers going on.

But that is a different story, so no more of my rubbish rants, just my public service announcement.

I am shouting this loudly to all, especially those down the Waterfront way.

Who knew, that apparently, ‘Bin Store Burglars’ are a thing with a fair, few incidents happening recently.

At worst, these shady out-of-towners are hiding in shared areas ready to slip inside to rob unsuspecting residents taking their rubbish out.

And at the best they are keeping out of the rain. No, I don’t quite believe that either – it was the Fireworks Fiesta over Barry Island for Gods Sake, surely you’d be better off finding shelter there.

By the way, respect to those who battled the elements to support our annual Barry Bonfire Night. I wouldn’t have taken myself out in that, never mind a toddler.

Well-supported community events are the backbone of our Barrybados life – so thank you to all those more hearty than me.

But sadly whilst so many of our good citizens were out there looking after our own, a shady stranger was sat ready and waiting to take an opportunistic pop at our people.

So please proceed with caution when sorting the weekly waste, keep your wits about you when nipping out with the night time rubbish.

And of course, if you see anything suspicious dial the boys, and girls, in blue.

In my view, this applies to us all – as who locks their front door when they nip out with a bit of cardboard, but maybe more so to those sharing their store with the neighbours.

So, a well-intentioned warning from me with my fingers firmly crossed that ‘Bin Gate’ blows over soon.

No woman, or indeed man, should have to be accosted on wet and windy night by an unexpected and abusive stranger.

Or to have to run the risk of having their much-loved home robbed by a retrobate whilst simply taking out the trash.

Be careful out there!

Speak soon.




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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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