Welcome To My World

Mrs SVJ is where I can give my take on, on Barry’s business, and showcase all that our terrific town has to offer.

Welcome to my world, a beautiful place where life is always adventurous, sometimes surreal, occasionally unconventional but never ever (ever!) boring.

I have the pictures…and the scars, to prove it.

As my bog standard social media bio says: Award-winning Queer Activist, Role Model, Charity Chair, Pride Ambassador.

Editor, journo, blogger. Runner, rambler, boxer. Cinephile, bibliophile, Gig Girl, and comedy genius….phew!

What it doesn’t say is that I’m also the very proud Mum of a trendy London-based Fashion Photographer, and a strapping would be Royal Navy Rating

And that that is exactly what I will blog, and write, about here – my passions, my communities, my world.

It’s not all about me though, it’s all about we.

I want to offer my opinion and share my stories on all the fabulous places I go, the brilliant people I meet and the stunning stuff I see.

I may hit the keyboard with my, mostly, perfectly manicured fingernails, but it’s the people I share my space with who make it so worthy, wonderful, and occasionally wild.

Mrs SVJ is packed full of news and views, and is my take on the communities we work, rest and play in.

My opinions pieces include:

Sue’s View – focusing on on our beautiful Barry’s hot topics – the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Out of Town – showing the world beyond Barry through the eyes of a local girl done good – the gigs, the films, the theatre, the exhibitions, and all things arty.

Queer Sphere – waxing lyrical about LGBT life with my queer family – the places we go, the difference we make, and the issues we face.

And Trade Talks – sharing the tricks and tips from our tradec-the talks, the training, the launches, the leadership events, and any other other learning that may help my fellow professionals.

Turf Tales is more news than views. This section of the site publicises some of the movers and shakers in Barry. Those locals living it large, fighting for fairness. And putting our very own stomping ground firmly on the the map.

This includes Campaign, and Community pieces that shine the editorial spotlight on those friends, fighters, and kick ass campaigners who have the faith that we can really make that crucial difference in this world.

And Commercial stuff that promotes the bold businesses excellently serving our lovely local community – often when fighting fierce competition and facing tough trading times.

Finally the Guest Blogs area highlights the many other talented writers, journos and bloggers we have in our town, and around – watch this space.

So basically this is the place where I can make my creative contribution to helping showcase all our terrific town, and around, has to offer.

Where I can share my thoughts, views and lived-in experiences to entertain, educate, inform. And to help those who help themselves, and others.

I am steering well clear of my profession, my private life, politics with a capital P, and, unlike my much-loved polemic Julie Burchill, I will in no way be overtly controversial.

Any views are my own, and not the views, thoughts or ideas of anyone else.

So please feel free to check out my site on a regular basis  – then like, share, maybe even smile, and get involved.

And do get in touch here if you have any news, views, campaign, controversies, businesses or ventures you’d like me to take a look at.

Big thanks to my loyal readers for letting me indulge my great passion for writing, and to those trailblazers who have given me the chance to tell their tales.

I’m well happy – alive, grateful, blessed and all that!

Speak soon



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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist.

She blogs, and writes, about all things Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

See and share all her news, views, campaigns, community causes, social action stories, blogs and bright ideas, from our town – and around here.

And please feel free to click in to the conversation – everyone is welcome to get involved.