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Ten years on from the third and final time I saw the legendary Oasis, I was back almost same time, almost same place, to see their former fabulous frontman take to the stage.

The Cardiff International Arena may have had a name change, the band may have spectacularly split , ut the legendary Liam Gallagher remains reassuringly the supersonic same.

Dressed in his trademark parka, shaking those maracas, the better looking of the infamous brothers, swaggered onto the stage.

We were treated to the classic Liam look-about while he waited for the sell out crowd finally stop loudly, and lovingly, chanting his name.

Then, true to form, the mesmerising Mancunian launched into Rock and Roll Star – the song that, for me, epitomises everything that is ‘God Like’ Gallagher.

Liam took us on a journey through his ever growing back catalogue – from Oasis to Beady Eye, and his critically acclaimed comeback album, As You Were, to new disc Why Me, Why Not.

Yeah, yeah I do know it was that Noel wrote the original Oasis hits but it is undeniably Liam‘s louche delivery that takes them to another level.And were treated to plenty of the top tunage from the second best band of my generation throughout. This included Morning Glory, Columbia, Stand by Me, Gas Panic and Acquiesce.

As an added bonus, original Oasis guitarist Paul Arthurs. aka Bonehead, has picked up his instrument to play with Liam again.

The sing along Wonderwall also made the set list – sung more by the adoring crowd than Liam though to be honest.

The much-anticipated comeback album of 2017 was revisited with the debut single, Wall of Glass, plus Greedy Soul, and For What It’s Worth – the one that resonates most for me.

I remember rooting for the unpredictable underdog Liam, the man many thought couldn’t make it on his own, as I stood, again in almost the same place in Motorpoint Arena, two years ago.

He didn’t disappoint then, and he certainly doesn’t disappoint now.

Tracks from his latest disc, Why Me, Why Not, were also belted out in typical gruff Gallagher fashion to a fanbase that has exploded in recent years.

I love Shockwave, Halo, and Now That I’ve Found You – and am actually liking Liam’s lyrics, almost as much as I did Noel’s all those years ago.

The Encore, was three straight Oasis numbers – two of my personal faves Supersonic and Roll With It, plus the iconic Champagne Supernova, which brought the marvellous Monday night to a close.

I was left, as always, in the beer- soaked mosh pit with my heart happy, my soul singing. My mandatory three stripe Gazelles trampled to within a inch of their life and my back bloody killing me

The ‘mad for it’ Manchester lad may be Marmite for some, but for me, he is everything a real Rock and Roll Star should be.

Cocky, charismatic and confident with a swaggering style, ever present attitude, and those gorgeous grizzly good looks.

All backed up, of course, by both one of the bestest bands ever’s tunage, and his solo songs that so show he has still so seriously got it.

Luscious Liam, you were bloody Biblical.

Speak soon.




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