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Jesus Wept, here we could go again then – bang into another long, lingering, lonely Lockdown…come on Wales, have a word with yourselves please.

I’m not going to lie to you, I’m absolutely flabbergasted that after those four months of that queer quarantine we now find ourselves back bang in almost the same state. What was that all about then?

Yeah, yeah, I know the valiant Vale is still, as I type, holding its own, but let’s be honest as we are completely surrounded by every other county kept to curfew, South Wales is basically shut down.

Totally get too that it’s not as grim as that which has gone before. Hallelujah that we are still allowed the happiness of a haircut, the magic of a manicure, some soul-reviving shopping, and the chance for a coffee and a catch up.

On a more serious side, also heartened to see that our schools, colleges and other learning providers are being kept open this time. So real respect to those who have worked tirelessly to see the return of our kids to the classrooms – and keep them there.

I am also pleasantly pleased that some of our bars, cafes, restaurants, and shops have stayed open for business – even if day drinking is destined to be the new norm. Truth be told, it’s not my cup of tea, or indeed large glass of V&T but when in Rome…I’m going home.

For me, it’s such a palaver meeting a mate these days. Social distanced seating, booking for bars that are not free until December, baffled by one way systems, ordering from apps with a wonky wireless connection, and stuck outside in the cold whilst you wait for the table to be not so swiftly sanitised – and all whilst wearing a mean looking mask.

Now, before I get a gobful, I’m not necessarily saying this is wrong, just for me, it sucks all the joy out of socialising. And just when I finally figure it all that, then the clock strikes ten – which is practically teatime for a night owl like me.

So for someone who prefers the lure of live music, the cosiness of cinemas, and the thrill of real theatre, just going to the pub, or out for all those continuous meals, is a bloody bore.

Staying in is the new going out then – even if the ‘rule of six’ means my friends, Fam, and other luscious loved ones, are on a rota system that would rival Dow Corning’s shift patterns.

Mind you, that’s got to be done hasn’t it, in case your nosy neighbour narks on you – mine to the right would have hotline set up before you could say Covid-19. Telling tales instead of talking it through though, never the right recipe for community cohesion, believe me…but that’s another story.

Truth be told, I’ll be behaving myself and settling down to box sets and beer, home cooked meals and Merlot, and coffee and kitchen table chats. Quite looking forward to it actually – there’s a turn up for this social butterfly’s books…who knew.

At least I won’t be wearing a mask as I loll in my lounge, nosing through Netflix, and nibbling on piles of pre-prepared plates.

What do you reckon to all that fierce face covering fight that’s being played out, mainly on social media, then.

For me, masking up makes sense. It means that I can play my part for the greater good to protect friends, colleagues, acquaintances and even total strangers.

My Boy gets to go to College, my Mum gets to go out, and I get to go to work.

I also get to do what I want to do, within the boundaries of this rather dreary rudimentary life we are all now living.

And we may as well give it a go, if we are to learn to live with this virus that seems to have our isolation nation taking one step forward, and three steps back.

Mind you, let’s be crystal here, I’ve always been a right, little rebel and absolutely hate being told what to do – especially by the national government nanny state politicians who seem not to have a ‘Scooby.’

There is absolutely no way I will be mandatorily vaccinated, I applaud moves to check the, often crazy, Coronavirus rules through parliamentary scrutiny. And you certainly won’t see me standing idly by if our civil liberties are to be stripped away by stealth.

But, I’ll give that face-covering a go for now as I am on my last nerve with this chaotic Covid-19 crisis, as we lurch from Lockdown to liberty and then back to Lockdown again.

Totally irks my soul that there seems to be no UK strategy to see us through these testing times – and I’m not just talking about that Track and Trace App either.

So come on Wales, have a word with yourself so we can work a way out.

And, as for you Boris, where’s that pandemic plan Stan!

Living in fear is not the future I want for me and mine.

Speak soon.


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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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