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I’m absolutely shocked that the canny Conservatives triumphed with a massive majority.

Hand on heart, whether I wanted it or not, I thought the country would robustly rally the Remain vote.

Or be desperately bothered about all those the burning issues highlighted heavily on the crusading Campaign trail.

And I never thought Vale voters would return any politician who recently resigned at Welsh Secretary of State.

Jesus Wept, I was right off the radar there, and totally wrong on all counts.

My really new reflections find me conceding that this really was the European Exit Election.

But I do rapidly repeat my old worn out mantra that, for me, the will to deliver democracy always wins anyway.

And yeah, yeah, I know the Referendum that kicked all this off had a wafer thin majority – certainly don’t need reminding of that, thanks.

How the Hell though can we finally give the disaffected and disillusioned a voice, after marginalising and ignoring them for years.

Completely fail to try to deliver the result once they have made themselves heard loudly and clearly.

And then spend the next three years assuming absolutely anyone who voted Leave is a racist, fascist, stupid, thick.

Granted, that maybe true for some. And I do believe lots of those who voted Leave felt they had absolutely nothing left to lose.

But many knew exactly what they were doing – and they were not agreeing with you!

As my ever full up feeds are once again flooded by the armchair social media mafia, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.

Crushing disappointment and bitter disbelief at an election or referendum result I get.

The spite, viciousness and vitriol, from all political colours, because someone voted different to you, I don’t.

For me, promoting your party, your Remain rallying cry or Leaver support is fabulously fantastic.

I love people who put their money where their political mouth is – respect to all those tangibly involved in activism.

I also love a bit of dissent. So if you are absolutely outraged at a result the right to reply, even rant, actively protest or fully fight back – is fair.

To verbally abuse, name call, smear, patronise, assume, and tell people what’s best for them – is not.

Not picking on any particular party, I’m just baffled and bewildered by the arrogance and attitude shown by some on all sides.

And the lack of loser’s consent and the graceful in defeat deficit really irks my soul.

In my view, the country has to finally accept that ‘Get Brexit Done’ actually were the winning words that decimated the Remain rebels.

Pole-axed that People’s Vote, made many political parties fall flat, and dominated the debate.

Like it or not, the current Number 10 incumbent has an historic mandate not seen since the early 80’s.

In our first past the post system, this democratically elected Prime Minister is in full charge of his ‘Parliament for the People.’

Surely he must now finally deliver a deal that cuts searingly across the left/right divide, deals with the difficult Leave or Remain split.

And does not decimate the Union – whilst always remembering that those Celtic countries did not turn totally blue.

Good Luck with that.

Speak soon.




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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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