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Drat, was my first reaction to the surprising news that South Wales Police we’re investigating an illegal rave at Sully last weekend.

How the Hell, did I not know about that I first thought until I checked myself and realised I’m not 21 anymore.

I also thought that raves went out of fashion at the same time as Smiley T Shirts, 90’s electronic dance music, and ecstasy tablets at £50 a pop.

And the only those diehard thirty somethings who go to Ibiza for their yearly foam party fix kept the genre alive.

Anyway, I won’t be getting the chance to find out anytime soon as the boys in blue have vowed to crack down on the illegal gatherings – for both public safety and residents’ quiet.

I wish they were able to do that with all those flippin’ fireworks shattering my nightly peace.

In my view, the public sale of these deafening and downright dangerous little rockets of gunpowder should be made totally illegal.

Isn’t it ironic too that firework buyers have to go through almost airport security, an ID check, and then wait for their purchase to be released from that triple locked cabinet. Before just wandering off with their hard won goods in their hands ready to set off willy nilly all over the town.

What’s possesses some people to light the touch paper at all times of day and night. And all bloody year too, not just as we approach November 5th.

For me, there is absolutely no real reason to buy fireworks for personal and domestic use. They are unpredictable when used in back gardens, downright dangerous in the wrong hands, scare animals senseless, and keep us all awake.

And if you feel the same, please sign the Public Fireworks Sale Ban Petition here.

Let’s make it absolutely clear though, I’m not suggesting we ban all fireworks. I love seeing them light up the sky at planned displays, on special organised occasions, and at the end of cracking concerts.

I just don’t get why you would want to mess around with them outside of this, especially late at night. All it does is cheese off the neighbours, upset the animals, and show you up as a selfish sod.

So, I hope all those who want to see the sky set alight just pop along to the big Barry Island Firework Fiesta , and other places, this weekend.

And I hope all you pet owners are forewarned and forearmed enough about these events to have the time to keep your pooches and pussies safe.

I have other fish to fry on Saturday so unfortunately won’t be there for probably the first time since the kids were really small.

But if I pootle home into the Cul De Sac to a deafening crescendo of fireworks from the prat over the Back, how to keep his Catherine Wheel spinning will be the least of his worries.

For me, the only way to fix these relentless booms and bangs is to ban them from general sale altogether.

I’ve just about had my fill of those fast and furious fireworks – especially this week.

In fact, it was probably more peaceful at that Rave.

Speak soon.




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