All About Me

I’m Sue Vincent-Jones, an experienced newspaper journalist, editor, copywriter, and communications specialist – with a passion to put diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything I do.

Writing as Mrs SVJ, I blog about all things Barry, and beyond, through the eyes of a, queer and quirky, local girl done good.

As a committed community supporter, passionate arts lover, and award-winning queer volunteer – I mainly focus my writing on these areas.

My work includes comment and opinion, critiques and reviews, news and social action stories, advertorial and features.

And has been recognised by my inclusion on the #IWD2020, Wales Arts Review List of 100 Women Writers of Wales, who will “keep you informed, entertained and inspired on social media’s premier platform”.

I specialise in writing clear, compelling copy that completely captures the target audience’s attention.

And I then use my extensive communications skills to publicise this content through a wide range of channels.

But it’s not all about me, it’s all about we – and how we work together to make a difference.

I love sharing my skills to help individuals, charities, community groups, and businesses, to promote their cause, campaign, product or project.

I enjoy working with them to, write their own compelling story, and then see this shared straight to the right, relevant, readers.

Happy to help campaigners, charities and companies, with a wide range of media and marketing solutions too.

This includes editing, proofing, copy writing, copy editing, strategic communications planning, digital delivery work and social media strategy.

Of course, I am more than happy to then feature as a guest blogger on these sites.

And to review anything that involves music, art, film, (or food – gf only of course!), for the many journos, editors, and owners out there looking for competent copy writers.

In this spirit of pay it forward, I’m also keen to showcase the work of my contemporaries on my site, and share their articles through my extensive networks.

Find out more about me, my blogging business, and how to hit me up, here.

More than happy to meet for a chat too.

It’ll only cost you a coffee.

Speak soon.




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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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One of Wales Arts Review 100 Women Writers of Wales, the dedicated community supporter, passionate arts lover, and award-winning queer activist, will keep you “informed, entertained and inspired.”

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Mrs SVJ, Barry’s Boldest Blogger, can be contacted here.