All About Me

I’m Sue Vincent-Jones, an experienced newspaper journalist, editor, copywriter, and communications specialist – with a passion to place diversity and inclusion at the heart of absolutely everything I do.

Writing as Mrs SVJ, I blog about all things Barry, and beyond, through the eyes of a, queer and quirky, local girl done good.

My diverse portfolio includes comment and opinion, critiques and reviews, news and social action stories, advertorial and features.

As a community blogger, arts lover, professional communicator, and award-winning queer activist, I focus exclusively on these areas – but am flexible enough to research and write on any topic.

I specialise in producing clear, concise and compelling copy that will completely capture the audience’s attention.

And then use my extensive communications skills to publicise this stylised content through a wide range of channels – print, broadcast and social.

But it’s not all about me, it’s all about we – and how we work together to make a difference.

I also share my experience to help individuals, charities, community groups, and businesses, to promote their cause, campaign, product or project.

I can work with you to write your own compelling story – and then sell it successfully to the right audience.

This could be telling people what you do well through posts, blogs, tweets, newsletters, website content, or Advertorial.

My innate news sense, invaluable insight, and unique writing style means I consistently reach the community you need on side.

This ensures I successfully sell your service or social action story, publicise your product or project, crowd-fund your campaign, or just boost your business.

I can also offer campaigners, charities and companies a wide range of media and marketing solutions.

This includes editing, proofing, copywriting, strategic communications planning, digital delivery work and social media strategy.

I am more than willing to share the secrets of a successful site with fellow writers, bloggers, and commentators too.

This includes tips on, setting up a blog, crafting creative content, and promoting published pieces.

Of course, I am happy to then feature as a guest blogger on these sites.

And to review anything that involves music, art, film (or food!) for the many magazines out there looking for competent copywriters.

In this spirit of pay it forward, I’m keen to showcase the work of my contemporaries on my site, and share their articles through my extensive networks.

Please feel free to get in touch if I can help.

More than happy to meet for a chat too.

It’ll only cost you a coffee!

Speak soon.


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Click here to find out more about my communications and marketing experience, my strong journalism background. And my passion to place diversity and inclusion at the heart of everything I do.