Rest In Peace Mumbly | Barry | Sue’s View

Stunned and saddened to bid a big Barry bye bye to one of the funniest and infamous characters our town has ever seen.

Rest in Peace Robert Mitchell, also known, of course, as Mumbly, our unique first generation punk who was more importantly a son, a brother, a Dad, a Lover – and a mate to so many of us over the years.

Sincere sympathy to the Family, and all those close friends, mourning the loss of a man that meant so much to them – lots of love to you all.

Truth be told, I was totally shell-shocked when my Sunday night social media scroll spotted the sad news. Like one touching tribute so poignantly pointed out, Rob was never going to grow old and find himself playing boring bingo in a crappy care home but to leave us now seems so early.

I’m also slightly spooked that my first blog of 2021, eerily echoes last year’s when, almost to the day, I was writing about the shock suicide of Lee Clements. And whilst Rob’s death certainly didn’t have the same cause, both were colourful characters, gone too soon that our community will madly miss.

I liked Rob, always have, and always will. The first time we met was when I had a teenage romance with his brother Steven and got to know those Colcot boys quite well. My fling with ‘Little Mumbly’ lasted a matter of months but my friendship with the Mitchell brothers carried on through the decades and the ups and downs of our lives and loves.

I bumped into them many a time over the years – at the halcyon days of the Comp, in the fun of Fizz Bar, sometimes in the less salubrious Savoy, and more recently at the revived Barry Island Cons.

In fact, I last saw Rob at the Cons, at the Cadstock Fundraiser I think, and we had the usual banter and bit of a chat. Saw Rob mainly here in the last few years, because if there was one thing Rob loved, along with his angling, was his music.

My funniest and fondest memory of him, is walking home from the ‘Wedge with him reciting the whole of John Cooper Clarke’s latest album to me verbatim, non-stop, in the style of the punk poet himself.

That, and being at the big The Missing reunion gig a couple of years ago when we were discussing what size tribute T Shirt I should get like a pair of pensioners in Marks and Sparks.

I don’t pretend, of course, to know Rob as closely as his loved ones, who must be absolutely heartbroken. I just do know for sure that his death sent shockwaves through the town and he will be deeply mourned and missed.

But that his colourful character will leave both massive memories, and a lasting legacy.

We can all say goodbye to Lee on Wednesday January 22nd at Adams Funeral Home, Gladstone Rd, Barry, CF62 8NA, at 10 am.

A burial service will follow at Barry Cemetery, with the Wake in Brewers Fayre, at The Waterfront.

The family would love the funeral dress code to be in memory of Lee’s love of Cardiff Blues. They ask, if possible, can people wear something Blues related or even just something like a blue tie if you’d prefer to wear a suit. 

Cardiff Blues will be paying a tribute to Lee at half time at the home game on January 18th.

And one of his closest friends Gary Howland will be running the Chester Marathon for the mental health charity on October 4th because “Lee will be forever in our hearts.”

Mumbly will certainly always be in Barry’s big heart, and whilst this crap Coronavirus means our town can’t give him the send off he so richly deserves, we can all raise a glass in respect.

Rest in Peace Robert Mitchell