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Well, I must confess, I was totally touched by the green-eyed monster this week as I watched big Boris give it large from behind the lectern with his Freedom Day decision.

Of course, I admire Wales’ careful approach to the Lockdown Lift, but who the hell wouldn’t be a just a little ‘well jel’ that England is throwing caution to the wind and the masks in the bin.

Finally after fifteen months of grim Government severely restricting our social behaviours, it’s now a no to mandatory masks, measly metre rules, queer quarantine, crappy QR codes, silly school bubbles and inconvenient isolation.

I’m seriously considering booting it up the the M4 in the Beemer to spend my staycation in lively London. Starting on July 19th naturally – what a post-Pandemic Party that will be…and then some, and then some more!

Wednesday sees Wales announce its flight to freedom, although our firm First Minister has made it crystal clear that the 19th is a no no. Maybe we’ll wait until August like steady Scotland, or slip into September as we, as always, err on the side of caution.

Personally, I’d like to see those awful apps go, especially in those establishments that don’t offer a table service alternative either – it certainly makes chugging a wheat free Vodka cocktail at the glorious Goodsheds a bit of a bother.

For me, a fussy food intolerant fanatic, they are a nightmare. Try scrolling through that little lot to investigate the ingredients. Then feeling a flush of panic when placing the order in case you haven’t selected GF because you can’t really see the screen without your glasses or the WiFi is wobbly.

What a palaver and a pain in the proverbial – they are also exclusive and discriminatory too but that’s another story.

Mmmm, what about Masks then. Truth be told, I’m no fan but I’m kind of torn between maybe keeping the cloth on a little longer, or making sure the muzzle is consigned to both the bin and the history books.

Think I’ll finally bid bye bye to constant covering up but maybe mask up on special occasions – you know like public transport trips, when feeling a bit fluey, or sauntering around those shops that make the rules up as they go along. Nice to have the choice though innit.

No qualms about quarantine – if your max vax then there’s just no need – enough said. Same for self-isolation really – the double dose should do the trick.

Mind you, I certainly won’t shed a tear over the scrapping of the school bubble – about time too. As I type this, a College classmate catching the Covid sees my son in isolation. He has no symptoms, tested negative this morning and is single jabbed. Go figure.

Social distancing is my only wild card. I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve kind of enjoyed having a two metre treat of personal space, not having those random’s up too close and too personal.

And not having to feel obliged hug and even kiss every person you meet has just been a beautiful bonus. Don’t get me wrong I love a cwtch as much as the next woman but I’d like you to buy me a drink first please.

Seriously though, waiting with bated breath to see what Wales will do. But happy for potential World Cup winning England to finally see freedom.

Whether it’ll be dessert or disaster time will tell. But I’ll raise a large glass to our near neighbours anyway at the Footie tomorrow.

Just got to grab my mask…and those Specs.

QR Code here I come…again.

Speak soon.


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