Gav And Stace |Wales|TV Special Review

Well hello to the roaring Twenties repeated, and a new decade of dreams, desires…and no disappointments.

Unlike the eagerly awaited Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special.

I’m not going to lie to you, I thought it was as flat as a badly baked pud, and unusually unfunny at times if truth be told.

Not sure whether it was the big Barrybados build up with its agonising anticipation that made me expect so much.

But to be honest, whilst I enjoyed it, it certainly didn’t set the sofa on fire with festive mirth for me.

And I’ll tell you for why.

In my view, there was too little time to explore the characters, and the difference a decade must have made to their lives.

Sixty minutes to catch up on ten years of tales, tragedy, and triumphs was way too short.

All those moments of family and friendship that could have had us crying, with both titters and tears, were missed.

And the same old gags sometimes looked as tired as those knackered parents of three mini Shipmans.

For me, the iconic show that put our proud town on the map is much better at playing the long game.

Who can forget the slow burn of Series One and the Christmas cracker of a Special they pulled on December 24 2008.

I bloody loved that, nearly falling off the settee Snowball spilling in hand as I quite literally laughed out loud.

Chuckled a bit this time too mind, especially when Stacey got from ‘The Dolphin’ to the Island in about two seconds flat.

Or was I the only one shouting the name of the real pub at the telly.

And then what about the palaver of ‘that word’ bang in the middle of Fairy Tale of New York.

Oh My Christ, Gav pulled a face, terrible Twitter went into manic meltdown, Facebook flippantly feigned ignorance.

And the tabloids took it to the top of the news agenda…again!

For once the BBC braved it out and the debate rages on. Bit of a storm in a fairground tea cup if you ask me.

It would take too many column inches to talk through that thorny topic here but oh, the irony.

Telling though too isn’t it that no-one gave a flying one when Dawn called Ness a ‘truck driving Dyke’ back in the day. Just saying.

Talking of controversy, we never did get to find out that ill- fated Fishing Trip truth either – bloody kids!

Loved Uncle Bryn though, and like so many of the now comfy characters, he did make me raise a smile.

As did the nod to dearly departed Doris – hope she is absolutely twatted wherever she is.

Three Steaks Pam is, as always, my personal fave. Laughed at her little Prince’s Prince line, smiled at her munchies gag, and actually smirked at the towels trickery scene. Tidy.

No surprise though that the legend that is Ness stole the show. She was on fire with so many of the best one-liners she, with Neil the Baby of course, could do her own bloody series.

And after that bended knee proposal cliffhanger that took us all totally by surprise, she’d be mad not too.

Recently released figures show that the Gavin and Stacey Christmas Special had the biggest viewing audience in yonks.

Seventeen million of us sat bang in front of the box on Christmas Day to welcome home our familiar friends.

Prime proof that there’s an absolutely agreed appetite for more of the Billericay Bloke meets Barry Bird saga.

But disappearing for a decade then serving up a scant on laughs sixty minute shortie just doesn’t do it for me.

So, come on please Ruth and James, take some time out to sort a series worthy of the standard it deserves.

Well, I for one, and the Barry massive can’t wait another torturous ten years to see if Smithy says I Do.

What’s Occurring?

Speak soon




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