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Well, who would have thought that in the seventeenth (or whatever we are up to now) wave of this crazy Coronavirus pandemic, it would be easier to get in the middle of large, lairy, live Gig than saunter into the standard Doctor’s Surgery of old.

Restaurants are putting up plates, shops are serving steadily, music is back on the menu, and Hairdressers are happily snipping away – but still our Surgeries stay shut.

What’s that all about then?  Surely it’s not still standard health and safety advice because I don’t remember seeing wise words that asked our GPs to pack up their stethoscope and just go home.

Bit bizarre too, how the heroic Holm View managed a steady stream of us in the waiting room when we all went for our longed for little Covid jabs, yet my Surgery can’t quite counter a one in one out system.

I’m gutted it’s all gone wrong, my Surgery were absolutely super pre pandemic. Truth be told, it’s only memories of many a medical problem solved and compassionate customer care that’s stopping me naming and shaming.

Now when you tentatively try to see someone in person it takes numerous phone calls, a detailed description demanded by the Receptionist, an awkward argument, a dire date in about three week’s time, and a pathetic promise of a phone call sometime that day.

Yeah, yeah, before I get told about all the marvellous medics going above and beyond in Surgeries sprinkled around the town, I get that. It’s just that there’s not much going in any direction at my Doctors – they don’t even do video calls!

I also understand that using the old online form can be a winner if you want a regular repeat prescription, or a quick question answered but to take away the option of being able to discuss a niggling worry in person, especially if you are old or vulnerable, is outrageous in my view.

For me, it’s about time, the powers that be in our heroic Health Service demand all Doctors do the right thing and rapidly return to pre-pandemic operations asap.

I’m also staggered by the deep divide in NHS services. Frontline staff at the sharp end coping with Covid-19 cases, battling with the backlog, and dealing with the day to day, whilst some Surgeries are just sat that with a sign saying closed – see our website.

For me, it’s about time, the powers that be in our heroic Health Service demand all Doctors do the right thing and rapidly return to pre-pandemic operations asap.

What do you think.

Speak soon.


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GET INVOLVED: If you’ve been affected by the lamentable loss of our once sterling service, feel free to sign the ‘Bring Back Our GP Services’ Petition here.

The Campaigners are seeking urgent action from the Welsh Government to address the current crisis and to request that GP practices resume pre-lockdown services to their patients.


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