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Jesus Wept, a suspected fatal stabbing of a young man almost bang outside our busy shopping centre on a cold winter day.

What the Hell has happened to our once proud Town with our once close-knit community.

One of our own has lost his life to a knife crime, right here just a week before Christmas.

A shocking scene played out in front of our startled shoppers and all those kids down town after the end of their school day.

Pulling that blade has devastated one family forever whilst surely rebounding on another for all of their future.

Make no mistake, this Monday afternoon murder has totally stunned and scared our usually robust residents.

These are our citizens whose shopping spree will be forever framed by this act of assault.

And the ensuing scenes of chaos and confusion they witnessed as paramedics fought to save life, and armed police sought to make safe.

For me, time stopped when the news broke and I bet, like me, all you Mums with out and about sons reached for the phone.

And frantically waited for, that often sullen, reply, which for once was music to our ears.

All except one family of course who will never hear that voice again or see that name flash on the screen.

And who have been robbed of so many small little things, and major milestones, as they struggle with the senseless loss of their boy.

My deepest thoughts and sympathy. Much love to you from me and mine.

What a nasty nightmare too that Barry is again the scene of another violent crime facing another shocking loss of young life so soon.

It was only a short season ago we reeled with horror at teenager Harry Baker’s devastating death discovered at our Docks.

This also comes just over 48 hours after a local man was left in Intensive care after a fracas at a popular pub.

And that massive drugs raid a few days ago that unmasked all sorts of shite being sold on our very streets.

What has become of our town with that ‘tart with a heart’ edginess we used to wear as a badge of honour.

Always knowing though that Barry brazenly looks after its own with a clear code of conduct and well-respected rules of engagement.

Now we have seemed to have gone totally and utterly bloody turbo.

Yeah, yeah, I know the sentimental sod in me sometimes wears those rather fetching rose-tinted sunglasses but it was never this bad was it.

Since when did, drugs do so much damage to our social scene, carrying a knife become the norm, a night out end in critical care.

And our once vibrant Holton Road look so drab and depressing as our Two Sides Town flashed up on the screen.

Or are we just crazily catching up with the cities, and society in general, as crime and decline sadly spills further into our towns and villages.

I adore this rough and ready town which has always been ‘ard as nails with a cracking community spirit that is super soft and strong.

So whatever the many, often complex, causes, for this counter-productive culture we have bred, we need to come back together to try to turn the tide.

I don’t want our Mums to witness a stabbing whilst shopping, our sons to see knife carrying as standard, or our town to be the victim of continuous violent crime.

But absolutely most of all, I don’t want another young local lad ever to lose his life like this.

Or one more poor parent have to see their child’s future cut so savagely short.

A child who was a father himself.

A fundraising page has been set up here in to help the family family with the funeral. Any monies left will be given to Jordan’s daughter Caitlin, who is not even three months old.

Rest in Peace Jordan.

Speak soon.




Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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