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Call me controversial but I think the luscious lights under the once dark, dank, and quite frankly depressing, Hood Road tunnel are absolutely fabulous.

They are bold, bright, brazen, and, truth be told, with the current Pride Month Rainbow vibe, a lot gorgeous – well, I think they are.

For once, a very big clap of hands from me to the Vale Council. I’m surprised that they had the cool confidence coupled with a rare ambition to do something a bit daring and different in the town.

We all knew mind, that as soon as the lights were switched on, there would be the predictable moans about pesky potholes and council tax comparisons plus the usual mind-numbing negativity of some of the sad souls who live in our town.

So respect to the Council for cracking on with it anyway, and for making it crystal that the cash came from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. For the record, this was part of the Barry Making Waves initiative, which aims to celebrate Barry’s sense of place.

Truth be told, I’m at the front of the queue ready to kick off if there’s something the Council has cocked up, but I’m also wise and worldly enough to have the grace to give credit where credit is due.

In my view, our tunnel treat lights the way in five frankly fabulous areas. It keeps our communities more cohesive, it connects our shops as they come back from the Corona Virus crisis, it makes a once scary walk home safer, and is an added attraction well-worth a look.

Finally, for me, the tunnel could prove to be a tourist treat too. It’s a bright, welcoming, and engaging space, so is wonderfully well-placed to be both a Barry, and beyond, talking point, and visitor attraction.

But for now, as we still struggle bleary eyed, slightly dazed, and maybe a bit confused from the queer quarantine, let’s look to our town to lift our spirits – and maybe, just maybe, these lights will lead the way.

Die-hard Barrians, keen like a coiled spring to get out an about again, use this as an added incentive to take a trot past to the tunnel.

And Waterfront residents, this is your chance to use that daily walk to explore the whole of the town you have made your happy home. You won’t regret it.

No Tunnel Vision here eeh?


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