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Rolling my eyes that, nearly a month on from one of our nations greatest Rugby weekends ever, some are still relentlessly ranting on my timelines.

Just what is it with this ‘Anybody but the English’ crap? For me, this smacks of a pettiness and petulance that borders on racism.

I don’t get it. Wales, please give yourself a clap for making the Rugby World Cup Semi’s. England do the same, and take a little bow too, for being there at the Final.

This is not me being especially generous, just fair. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am so not a Rugby fan. I would rather nail my tongue to the floor with a rusty horseshoe than watch a whole match.

As we always say “It’s football in our house.” And I can’t see that changing anytime soon.

Yeah, yeah, before, you all kick off, I am well aware that soccer has its tribalism too but it’s the egg-shaped ball I am focusing on here.

Telling though that when we Footie fans go turbo it’s hooliganism but when the Rugger sorts do, it’s ‘high spirits’…just saying.

I also very rarely see a Football fan wearing a daffodil hat, clutching a blow up leek, and shouting “Agy, Agy, Agy, Oi, Oi, Oi.”

How the Hell do you even spell that, and what the Hell is that all about anyway.

I cringe when there’s a massive International match and the global eyes of the world are on Wales…and there we are swinging a miner’s lamp, eating Bara Brith, and clutching a pint of Brains!

Ok, that’s a bit of a exaggeration I know but you get my drift. It’s so bloody stereotypical, and whilst we must never forget our history, this is miles away from the small, clever, modern country that I know and love passionately and patriotically.

The English don’t seem to turn up to cheer their team on dressed in a bowler hat, clutching a blow up Big Ben, and drinking a lovely cup of tea do they.

Maybe it’s because Rugby is a working class game here, and a middle class pursuit there – who knows.

Whatever the back story, we can still be proud of all our players of course. And we can be equally proud of any team in our nation, meaning the United Kingdom in this context, who reach a World Cup Final.

Spare a thought too for our many English friends, who now live in Wales, including our very own Barry town, who just wanted to cheer their team on without all this hassle.

Surely we judge our marvellous mates by the size of their heart and the strength of their character, not what country’s rugby shirt they wear.

So maybe you will think twice next time before you post ‘funny’ anti English stuff because of a rugby match, or indeed any sporting, or other occasion.

Healthy competition is cool. But it’s so not ok to make people feel bad about where they were born.

And you never know the effect your words, your rants, or your sharing a ‘funny video’ might have.

In my view, this kind of abuse, often described as that awful term banter, is symptomatic of the divisive times we find ourselves in today.

Why not try engaging and debating with those who hold a different point of view or support a different side, instead of dissing and demonising.

We are stronger together than we ever are, or ever will be, divided.

Please be kind.

Speak soon.




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