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Absolutely devastated by the shock, sudden passing of our very own Sharon Harris – a fellow friend and journalist who shared my love of our town’s local newspaper life.

She was also, of course, a cherished sister, a fond family member, respected colleague, and much-loved mate. My deepest condolences to all those who knew and loved her – my heart is breaking for you all.

And I cannot imagine the pain you must be feeling at the loss of the bright, bubbly, adopted Barrian, who overcame her own adversities with a wide smile, and a passion for the people whose tales she told.

Sharon and I first crossed newspaper copy paths in 2007 when she arrived at the infamous B ‘n’ D as their new reporter on the block.

It was some time after I’d jumped ship to sail into the choppy waters of political public relations but I was soon sending her my tasty tip-offs, and stand-alone stories, knowing that she’d handle them both superbly and sensitively.

Thank you for shining a spotlight on all those community causes, crusading campaigns, and activism articles. As always, you did our town and its tales proud.

Sharon’s sterling work at the Newsquest title led her to our very own Glamorgan Star where her considered and crafted content helping to build our rapidly rising readership.

Her journalism was the gentler kind. Sharon wrote with care and compassion, savvy enough to see the truth but clear on the way she wanted to present our town, and its tribe.

Just take a look at all those personal posts that have flooded social media since her passing – all paying tribute to both Sharon’s professionalism, and that personal touch that many remember.

We have seen words of reverence and respect from our politicians of all parties, community and wider councils, Barry businesses.

And reams of residents who story was shared thanks to Sharon’s commitment and consistency, and often kindness.

All spoke of her bubbly nature, her willingness to go that extra mile, and how she had helped make a difference in many ways.

Many also praised her love of Barry with memories of how she was very much out and about in the town, covering the community, and constantly keeping in touch.

Sharon Harris, you will be sorely missed.

Shine Bright Star Reporter.


The Voice of Our Community


Sue Vincent-Jones, blogging as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and activist. She writes about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

Written exclusively for the Vale’s newest newspaper, and digital platform, The Glamorgan Star, her latest ‘Passing Comment’ column, an addition to the infamous Sue’s Views collection, can be found here.

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