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Woo hoo, Election Day 2019 is finally here and I can’t bloody wait to get my vote into that big Ballot Box.

You’d think after three Elections, two Referendums, and not forgetting three Prime Ministers, in just five years, we’d had enough of polls and politics.

Not me, I’m like an eager beaver ready to decide on one of our Vale of Glamorgan runners and riders.

Let’s just hope they have the guts to speak loudly for our superb slice of Wales, at Westminster if they have the honour of being elected.

Admittedly I am on my absolutely last nerve with the bloody dragging on BREXIT debacle but I’m still a pure political geek.

I love the voting vibe and the warm glow I get from that never a dull moment Election Day.

I absolutely adore physically plucking my big white card from the mantelpiece and strutting into the Polling Station to make my mark on democracy.

I’m buzzing all day – right from the ballot box to the exit poll. Then I sort my supplies, batten down the hatches and wait patiently throughout the night for those results to trickle in.

I can’t be doing with that postal vote thingy but I am a great advocate of always using your precious cross so if the letterbox works for you then crack on.

I need to strut straight down to that good old Alexandra Gardens hut in the flesh to get the deed done.

And this time, I have an added frisson of electoral excitement casting darling daughter’s proxy vote too.

If that’s not trust from my lovely little Millennial whose politics consistently clash with mine, I don’t know what is.

Thanks Chels, Mum, as always, won’t let you down.

Obviously I also can’t let the day pass without a shout out to the Suffragettes and their struggle so we woman could cast that valuable vote – whichever way you chose to use it.

Totally get that they actually gave us the choice to make our mark but I think you’d be mostly mad not too take up that chance.

For me, it’s almost a thank you to our sisters in solidarity for helping try to turn the misogynist tide of history.

Yes, I still do believe that voting counts.

The discerning cynic in me is well aware that we may not always get the full political picture before we pick up that pencil.

And we may not always get the result we personally and desperately want.

But, call me old-fashioned, I also believe that once the nation decides, we should absolutely always respect the result.

And I hand on heart mean that whatever way it goes not just when it goes the way I want it to!

Crushing disappointment and bitter disbelief at an election or referendum result I get. The spite, abuse and threats, from all political colours, because someone voted different to you, I don’t.

For me, it’s much more productive trying to actually unpick why citizens, especially those who feel disaffected and disillusioned, vote the way they do rather than just hurling a load of viciousness and vitriol their way.

Let’s hope today’s results, start a different dialogue that respects the result, cuts the crap, and works on healing the deep divisions in our society.

It’s a totally tough one to call mind – with many of our electorate still undecided even as Election Day dawns.

For me, it’s about blocking out the media mayhem, digging deep into the Manifestos, pushing personalities aside.

And then choosing the side that resonates most with your world view… before having the courage of your convictions.

And putting your money where your mouth is.

I’m certainly not going to reveal my voting intentions – you draw your own conclusions.

It’s between me, my conscience and the ballot box.

I will say though that, in my view, this is the most crucial General Election in a generation.

So, just a heartfelt plea to please take your time to pick your side, pop along to the Polling Station and pencil your X in the box.

And please respect the result, it’s repercussions and whatever else the cold light of a frosty Friday morning brings.

It’s all to play for!

Speak soon.




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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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