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Well, for someone who never used to watch the totally tragic telly, I’m now squiffily square-eyed from the screen with my much-neglected glasses delighted that they are getting taken out so often.

Totally true story that. Apart from the nightly news running constantly in the background as I potter like a pensioner in my kitchen, I avoid all the middle of the road murder mysteries, silly soaps, dull documentaries.

And that cringeworthy car crash that is Reality TV – always said I’d rather be having a life than watching some stranger live theirs…badly!

Truth be told though, I am partial to a bit of Nordic Noir, so the news that the fast-paced political drama Borgen is back with a Netflix bang next year certainly made my day – especially if we are still in some sort of queer quasi quarantine.

But Scandinavian sagas, and the odd terrestrial TV drama aside – usually the ones featuring sexy Suranne Jones to be honest, I love TV as much as I love early morning starts – not a lot but I’ll do them if I have too.

So to see me now, tucked up toasty, low lighting on, with a Quarantini in hand, watching an absolute plethora of plays, mountain of movies, ton of telly, and even dabbling into the world of the Weller family on Instagram, is a revelation.

In fact my four days ‘Off Shift’ have to be planned with all the precision of the Military moving millions of PPE equipment. So much screen time to sort out, so many platforms to pay for, and so many streaming services to set up.

My first night sees me cracking on with Killing Eve. My absolute screen dream that trashes the typical spy-action thriller – and whose joyous journey was started by one of my all time writing heroes Phoebe Waller-Bridge.

Thank you Villanelle – I’m still having flashbacks of that cracking kiss – phew, talk about slow burn.

My next night sees me sort my Mubi moments – the stunning movie mix I’ve found free thanks to my membership of my second home, Chapter Arts Centre.

I’ve already devoured the ‘Daughters of Fire,’ taken the super second chance to see ‘Portrait Of A Lady on Fire.

And the latest Mubi movie of the moment, ‘Water Lilies’ traces the breathtaking cinematic maturity of the latter film’s Director Céline Sciamma.

The third, usually Thursday nights, takes me lovingly to the live theatre vibe, with the National Theatre Live (NTL) solidly showing some of their best stage stunners on You Tube. I love Live Theatre, I Love NTL Live as an alternative, and I am loving this latest twist too.

Found myself in front of Frankenstein the other day. Featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, and Johnny Lee Miller, with direction by Danny Boyle, it was time very well spent.

And for seconds, they swap parts too, so I’ll definitely be placing myself firmly in front of the screen to savour that.

Finally the fourth night, finds me firmly back in front of the Old Skool Goggle Box catching up on those odd small screen special treats that flash up flittingly. Currently it’s the gritty and edgy drama, ‘Save Me Too’ featuring, yes, Suranne Jones – told you so didnt I!

Bizarrely for a Gig Gig like me, apart from a scoot onto Spotify whilst languishing in the my nightly lagoon – that’s the bath by the way but I have a vivid imagination, I haven’t watched any live music at all – must try harder.

Mind you, I have nosed nightly into the Instagram Weller World of domestic bliss on many an occasion. A peek into their private world kindly curated by his marvellous Missus Hannah, and summed up so eloquently by one of my Guest Blogger’s with her Lessons in Lockdown.

And, let’s be honest, as one of Paul’s most prolific fans, Mr Weller and me go back a long way, so it would be rude not too.

So whilst Lockdown Life can linger, this arty-farty Barry Bird is grateful for the time it has given me, and my loved ones to catch up – with each other, and with all that wonderful and wild entertainment out there.

Of course, I’m like a coiled spring waiting to camp out at Chapter, tramp around the Tate, take in the Theatre, and groove at a Gig, but until then my sanity remains saved by the small screen.

See you in the Stalls again some day soon.

Speak soon.



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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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This Blog is also featured in My Corona Virus Diary, Sue’s take on this pandemic palaver – the long lingering Lockdown, our queer quarantine, the isolation nation, and how our town took to these crazy Covid 19 times.

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