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So the big-time Barry Barbecue Restaurant that took our town to the heady heights of food fame has served its final bit of brisket then.

Stands back in amazement at the hasty Hangfire Southern Kitchen closure prompted by the pandemic.

Such a shame that the jewel in the town’s crown, was beaten down by the serious staffing crisis in our hospitality industry

Covid has caused the restaurant, run by couple Shauna and Sam, to face a severe shortage of willing workers, a lack of time to train staff in the Southern-style speciality.

And has not been helped by the masses of former hospitality heroes walking away from a sector that has not served them well for the last 18 months.

I remember when the duo first flung opened the doors in 2016, prompting positive publicity, winning an array of awards, and seeing their tables booked many months in advance.

A solitary shiny star in a turbulent town that had seen better days, the bold move to Barry was the catalyst we needed to kickstart the do up of the Docks.

I applaud the Chef, and her Front of House partner, for seeing the potential and having the guts to go for it.

What a difference half a decade makes. Fast forward five years and Hangfire’s business was booming, keeping company with the ever-expanding Academy.

And almost opposite the first-ever Urban High Street that is the gorgeous Goodsheds in all its glory.

How sad that the lights of the Southern Kitchen will no longer be seen burning brightly from across the road.

Truth be told, and I’m not going to lie to you to win the popular vote, I wasn’t a restaurant regular, only ever sampling the delights of their menu once back in 2017.

But, and let’s be crystal clear here, I can read a room and I get how loved and lauded both the establishment and its owners were – in Barry and way beyond.

You only had to see the Socials to sense the shock of the restaurant‘s quick closure, catch the comments that gave a glimpse of how gutted diners were, and the unbelievable sadness that the hard hit hospitality had claimed one of the finest fooderies.

Mind you, Hangfire says it’s not necessarily a grim Goodbye but more an optimistic ‘See You Later.’

And I’m sure the top team will rise from the fire pit’s ashes and ‘pop up’ somewhere soon.

But for now, let’s applaud Sam and Shauna for their stunning success, their shining spirit, and that lasting legacy they have left.

Thank you.


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Hang Fire Southern Kitchen has announced a final sale this weekend before the business closes for good.

The yard sale will offer “your last taste of Hang Fire Southern Kitchen” between 12pm and 5pm on Saturday, September 11 and Sunday, September 12.

There will be plenty for Hang Fire lovers to buy, including their Heat at Home packages, street food, drinks such as Lockhart Beer and Moonshine, and Hang Fire merchandise.

The “one last hurrah” will take place at the restaurant in Barry, located at the Pumphouse on Hood Road.

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