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Well, what do you reckon to all this wild and wanton ‘Wilding’ that’s literally springing up, and then some, all over Barry, and beyond.

The Vale of Glamorgan Council seems to have grabbed this plant project with gusto and we are seeing spurts of fauna and flora literally springing up all over the shop.

Wilding for those environmentally unenlightened (and I include myself in that until recently truth be told), is basically, a ‘hands-off’ approach to ecological restoration.

Plants especially seedlings, are left to grow wild and escape from cultivation.

So that’s no more nice little cut and trim from the Council’s gardening guys but an explosion of natural processes for the benefit of biodiversity and society.

To be honest, I get that is quite a vision with great potential for reengaging Barrians with nature, energising communities, and, of course, conservation practice.

And that many of our own open-minded neighbours are also experimenting in their own backyards – to benefit the bees if nothing else.

I actually include myself in this you may be somewhat shocked to know.

Thanks to Barry Town Council, for the five freebie seed packs which I have perfectly planted to create my own welcoming wilding patch.

I think I may also be inadvertently growing two more areas in my green garden waste bags as they haven’t been picked up for so long.

That’s another story but I do commend the Council for their wilding ways

Mind you did you hear about the Gladstone Road roundabout storm in a flower bed.

Wilding was working so well, that drivers couldn’t see approaching traffic and were avoiding the area, rather than risk a crash.

Cue the local authority’s shears swiping through sharply.

And what about all us high-pollen count hayfever sufferers too. One sniff of a large wilding patch and we’ll be reaching for the biggest nasal spray quicker than you can say biodiversity.

I’ve also heard it’s a matter of style over substance for some. Many residents welcome the vision but others see the shrubbery as a scruffy blight on our town’s landscape.

The jury’s out on that one for me to be honest.

The community campaigner in me wants to be surrounded by reminders  that wake us up to the benefits of biodiversity to our society.

But the valiant Virgo in me wants a perfect, trimmed flower bed with matching, colour-co-ordinated plants.

What do you think?


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