Passing Comment

Well, Hello Gorgeous Glamorgan Star.

Huge congratulations on the birth of our community’s newest newspaper online – and with the wonderful whiff of newsprint too.

The free, fortnightly ‘Star covering the Vale of Glamorgan launched July 02 2021 will be available at collection points around the town.

And also as a digital Daily too so if you can’t catch a copy just click away here.

For me, as a former Journo and Editor, nothing quite beats picking up that paper and flicking through those inky pages – a treat I shall look forward too feverishly when the Glamorgan Star hits the stands.

I totally get that it’s a sign of the times that our daily digest has shifted significantly from the printed page to the shiny screen but nothing quite beats throwing a new newspaper into the mix too.

Don’t get me wrong, as a prolific blogger, I’m not adverse to using the digital delights of the internet highway to reach my audience, and I am certainly not going to go wandering aimlessly down a media memory lane.

It’s just that I think that it’s often our local news that gets lost when our newsrooms are moved from the offices to online only.

In fact, my heart hurts a little bit every time I see a once thriving newspaper fold, or take its operation out of the area it serves.

Remember how we said Goodbye Glamorgan Gem, just a few miserable months ago.

I get that readers do look to sites, blogs and hyper locals, to stay on top of the news agenda, but then the bread and butter community copy often slips through the cracks as the regional newspapers cease and the town’s reporters become remote – in more ways than one.

In my view, the heady mix of print and posting can complement each other. Just look at the horny Health Secretary news story that has dominated the agenda lately. Broken by an old school splash front page, and then repurposed and revitalised through social media.

I am not suggesting that the shiny new ‘Star’ starts stalking politicians of course, just making an observation that this new venture has the best of both worlds – especially with a strictly no clickbait culture too.

So, with a fabulous team, real reporters out and about, hungry sales staff, and time and space to write and edit – not just publish any old Press Release that pops on the mat, this just has to be a winner.

Local news matters.

It lets us know what is happening socially, politically, and economically in our area, giving us the chance to take part in everything from local events to the decisions that affect our community.

It helps highlight our neighbourhood heroes – and allows us to hold to account those who hold the proverbial purse strings.

And, let’s be honest, how else would you find out who’s recently been standing in the dark Dock of the Magistrates Court.

Sadly not at ‘never a dull moment’ Barry Mags anymore. Those really were the days – a right old B ‘N’ D Blast From The Past.

Seriously though, community news not only keeps us educated, entertained and informed, it can also inspire us to make a difference where we live.

A well-produced community-focused newspaper, with well-researched content written by professional journalists, is also the perfect platform to showcase our activists, volunteers, helpers and heroes.

Real stories about real people told with truth, tact, honesty and that human interest humility.

Now if that’s not great, gritty, grassroots reporting to look forward too, I’ll eat my Barrybados bobble hat.

So good luck Glamorgan Star – the heart of our community.

Thank you for asking me to be part of your journey.

I am honoured, humbled – and so happy to be writing exclusively for both the perfect print, and delightfully digital platforms.

My ‘Passing Comment’ Columns will capture the causes close to our community’s heart – and hopefully help spark a debate…and maybe make a difference.

Credit due too for seeing the gap, seizing the opportunity, and starting our community conversation going again.

Hold The Front Page.

Speak soon

Sue Vincent-Jones

The Voice Of Our Community


Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and activist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

Written exclusively for the Vale’s newest newspaper, and digital platform, The Glamorgan Star, all ‘Passing Comment’ columns, were first published here.

Mrs SVJ, Barry’s Boldest Blogger, can be contacted here.