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Remember the social media mantra of ‘Be Kind’ that boomed boldly all over the airways following Caroline Flack’s fate…that aged well, didn’t it.

The tabloid branded ‘Duchess of Woke’ – which merely means an awareness of social issues, Meghan Markle spoke her truth – and the warriors went into plastic pandemonium as their keyboards melted with malice.

Wow, all that bile for a woman who just calmly told our Oprah of the rife racism, downright discrimination, and national newspaper bias that saw her suicidal, and her husband Harry staunchly stand up for his family.

Kind of ironic isn’t it that as the armchair critics were typing furiously away many of them forgot their virtue-signalling #BeKind sound bite of the year before, and became perhaps the unkindness of all.

Commentators, talk show hosts, entertainers, and even organisations, jumped on the bandwagon and, in my view, got it so wrong too.

Just look at the absolute audacity of ITV running a ‘Mental Health Campaign’ as poisonous Piers Morgan pontificated on his programme.

He said he didn’t believe Meghan when she said she was suicidal and called her a liar…live on air…the day after International Women’s Day.

And then he invited her disloyal Dad onto the Good Morning Britain sofa the next day to put the metaphorical boot into the pregnant woman just that little bit more.

If that’s not emotional abuse then please tell me what it is because it’s got that vicious vibe to me.

Apparently, so the back story goes, Meghan cut Piers out of her life without any explanation, which she is, of course, perfectly entitled to do.

So the shouty, former Editor turned Talk Show host is on a malicious mission to smear her and ruin her reputation as his revenge. It’s personal – I hate it when that happens.

(Susannah Reid is his enabler of course but that’s a whole different blog – watch this space.)

Kudos to Meghan I say for knowing the peaceful power of ‘stepping away,’ – from Piers, her dysfunctional family, the famous Firm, the malevolent media, and anyone else she decides she doesn’t want in her world.

Personally, I love the sound of my footsteps walking away for things not meant for – it becomes the sweetest silence of all. And it seems that Meghan, and the gentle soul that is Harry, have found that happiness too.

Now, I’m not saying Meghan and Harry are perfect at all, and anyone who knows me, so knows I hate the ‘airing dirty linen in public’ thing. I find it both low-rent and a low blow.

It’s just that, in my view, they definitely don’t deserve this non-stop vicious and vitriolic narrative.

And I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve never been a massive fan of the Royal Family either. In fact, I like them even less after ‘binge-watching The Crown, especially Season Four.

I say that slightly tongue in cheek but you get my drift. I don’t get them at all. They, in my view, did the dirty on Diana, avoid alleged paedophile Andrew being arrested, and willfully ignore the William playing away rumours.

They also have all these rather ridiculous rules and pompous protocols that just don’t resonate in modern Britain.

My main take on Megxit chimes perfectly with many of the more considered columnists. They don’t downplay the racism and rancour but they do read the room rightly to see the bigger picture.

Millennial-loved Meghan and Harry were the Crown’s greatest opportunity for modernisation. We could have seen a new era of regeneration, and reconciliation if only ‘The Firm’ had found the guts to stand up for what could have been one of their biggest assets.

Much mistreatment and a missed opportunity then that could finally make the Monarchy get their house, and many palatial palaces, in order.

Now before you Royalists crucify me for not respecting the Queen, take a chill pill and tell me honestly that the way the Windsor’s work is an example to us all. Nah, didn’t think so.

In fact I’m so incensed by some of the soul-destroying racism, mind-blowing misogyny, and the cruelty of some courtiers, I’m minded to call for radical reform.

Or how about when the Queen, who has more than done her duty, departs, we abolish the institution – and think of something more sophisticated to replace that ‘tourist attraction’ argument.

Truth be told, I’m not sure that it will come to that but we do have a Monarchy in crisis. And it’s no wonder Archie tells Mum and Dad to ‘drive safely’ when they go out.

But carry on speaking your truth Meghan. The real, raw, story will come out in the end, it always does – it’s called Karma or something.

I love it when that happens, so I for one, am waiting with bated breath.

Speak soon.


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