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Pheww, this week I’m breathing a huge, happy sigh of relief and high-fiving our esteemed elected Welsh politicians for their bold move in making Covid Passports at enormous events mandatory.

Sweet to see the sensible side of our collective Governments has sussed that the sooner we start to put in place precautionary pandemic measures, the sooner we can all start to live our best lives again.

In my view,  it’s no biggie to pull out said Pass at large, loud events and noisy nightclubs – although I’m not going to lie to you, the chances of me strutting my stuff in the latter on a Saturday night in the ‘Diff is so slim.

Yeah, yeah, I know that there has been criticism from some quarters, and I’m well aware that cases, hospitalisations, and sadly deaths dominate the headlines.

But with those fatalities running at 1% for the double-jabbed, it just makes sense to show Max Vax proof to keep the scary stats as low as they can go.

I certainly see the logic behind the policy. I have swiftly sorted the digital doings on my phone, and have the paper copy tucked trimly in my ‘Gig’ bag ready to roll – just like I did last Friday when going to see the superb Specials at Motorpoint Arena.

If all it took was a Covid Pass, and the now almost always mandatory mask, to see my first live music concert since December 2019 with loads of like-minded locals, then I was in.

Believe me, I found that eighteen months of lost live music during Lockdown brutal, so to finally have a night that was loud, lairy, enjoyable and energising was like a dream come true.

I haven’t been so excited since I won free tickets to the Dooleys down The Memo when I was in school – maybe that’s where caught the Gig Girl bug eeh?

Seriously though, for me, who was truth be told, slightly scared of venturing back into the world of concerts and crowds after so long, the Covid Pass does two vital things.

It inspires confidence and makes us feel secure, if only psychologically, knowing that those around us have taken the most measures possible to stay safe.

And it sends a crystal clear message that Wales is well on it’s way to navigating the new normal whilst we learn to live without Lockdowns.

What do you think?


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