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We’re absolutely delighted that our Wales Wide Virtual Pride will go down in history.

LGBTQymru are extremely proud to be working with Amgueddfa Cymru – National Museum Wales, who will be collecting and preserving parts of our unique event for its LGBTQ+ collection at St Fagans National Museum of History.

This is truly fabulous news that our ground-breaking Weekender will be recorded for posterity, alongside other esteemed queer curations – all aimed at celebrating our cohesive community.

Keeping Qymru Connected is the absolute focus the respected activists and allies behind Wales Wide Virtual Pride. They are passionate about working together with all our queer family – especially in these uncertain Corona Virus times.

Wales Wide Virtual Pride, named on the Forbes List Of LGBT Digital Pride Events 2020, is an unique online event that will celebrate the whole of our community across the whole of our country.

It will bring together all those living the LGBTQ+ life, in Wales, and our allies too of course.

Pride Season, with its events throughout the season, are the highlight of the LGBTQ+ calendar.

And with our community feeling even more disconnected and dispersed, as we see our social events suffering those Corona Virus cancellations, now is the time to show solidarity.

We want you to do just that, and we are calling on all Prides, LGBTQ+ community groups, charities, acts, organisations, and anyone else who wants to get involved.

So please come and join us for a weekend of fun, entertainment, information, and education for all the family.  

All the Welsh Prides have been invited with Barry, Bangor, Rhondda, Llantwit Major, Valley, and Powys already confirmed. Other groups on board include Glitter Cymru, Bi Cymru, and Iris Prize LGBT Film Festival.

Massive thanks to those who have joined us so quickly – realising that this is the time to support and lift our LGBTQ+ family…exactly like a community should do.

We are proud that part of what makes the Qmmunity in Wales so special is its visibility, talent, and readiness, to make sure everyone is connected, even in the most difficult of times. 

We know that this has never been more important for those of us living the LGBTQ+ life – especially our Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic queer family fighting the Black Lives Matter battle.

‘A better community is within REACH’ Panel Discussion, will look the need to provide spaces, platforms and opportunities for our LGBTQ+ siblings of different Races, Ethnicities, And Cultural Heritages (REACH).

Our Trans Family, are also facing an extremely uncertain time following the UK Government decision to scrap plans to allow trans people to self ID despite public support.

Our panel discussion, ‘I Am Who I Am,’ will look at the lived experience of being trans in Wales, what we can do to be more supportive, and an insight into the support, both long-standing and new, for trans* individuals in Wales.

Others include: ‘Can I Get An Amen’, centred around faith ‘A Life in Drag looking at the History of this art form. A much needed conversation around LGBTQ+ mental health, and, ‘Surviving The Scene,’ looking at the support available for those living with HIV in Wales.

Sign up to the Panels, our packed programme, of fringe events throughout the week, and all the exciting entertainment over the two dayer, by following on Facebook.

LGBTQymru are also looking for even more local singers and other performers to join the Pride party too. We want you please performers – so sign up here to take your place on the virtual stage by June 29th.

And please come speak to us about Sponsorship if you want to make your visible mark on what promises to be one of the digital Prides of the year.

Donations, however big or small, can be made from now, right up until the end of July, through our Go Fund Me page.

Wales Wide Virtual Pride is an one-off occasion dedicated to keeping our LGBT+ Community connected – and show the rest of Wales, and wider, and the world. how we work together so well.

It is is free for all to watch, and take part in – across Wales, and wider, so any donations made by you, however large or small are very genuinely and gratefully received.

And as a completely not for profit organisation, LGBTQymru will give back all monies raised directly to the communities we serve – especially our grassroots groups.

For more information, please contact Ffion Grundy, our Fundraising and Sponsorship Officer here –

Or please feel free to donate directly to our Go Fund Me page here.

Many thanks to those who have donated already – including Principality Building Society, Andy Garland Therapies, Coleg y Cymoedd, plus the many generous individual donations.

Sponsors, Spectators, Participants, and Party Goers, we welcome you all.

See you on the Screen.

Speak soon.


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Find out much, much more, about the
Fundraiser by following @LGBTQymru on all the Socials. Click here to get the first-ever Wales Wide Virtual Pride in the Diary.

Wales Wide Virtual Pride is a free event run by a not for profit organisation who believe in giving back to our community. If you can help with any donation, or sponsorship, please visit our Go Fund Me page.

LGBTQymru, are a collective of passionate activists and allies dedicated to keeping our community connected – especially in these uncertain Corona Virus times.

Contact our LGBTQymru Team directly here.


Sue Vincent-Jones, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. Writing as Mrs SVJ, she blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

As a founding member of LGBTYQymru, Sue promotes the work of the collective who support, celebrate, and connect our community in Wales. She is also Associate Editor of their magazine – Wales’ first ever queer quarterly online bilingual publication.

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Mrs SVJ, Barry’s Boldest Blogger, can be contacted here.