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Well, what do you reckon to all this fancy talk of us having our very own little Marina then – how posh is that!

Admittedly I’m waiting with bated breath to see if this is just nautical nonsense that will never get afloat.

Or if it’s a sea-worthy solution to do up our Docks and take our Town’s tourism to another level.

The Vale Council, who can’t even run a Contact Centre never mind an ambitious idea, are keen though.

They have bid for £20m levelling Up Funding to create a marina called ‘The Mole’, and a second phase water sports facility too.

Never thought I’d see the day when I’d spy a yuppie’s yacht floating past as I pootled to Morrisons with my trusty More card.

But stranger things do happen at sea so I have thrown a life belt on my sinking feeling.

To be honest, I will also grudgingly admit that it does make sound sense to always suss out some more sure fire success – especially in an area that has seen a rapid renaissance recently.

Let’s be honest, from Academy to Goodsheds, the once barren land is unrecognisable from not just my childhood but my kids too.

The former desolate Dockland has also been beautifully boosted by the hordes of aspiring young professionals settling in our seaside town.

Discouraged by Diff’s pricey property market, the socially mobile Millennials have cannily moved into the site’s happy little homes.

Finally, if we throw in the lovely Island link then the much maligned Barry of old is a distant memory – only revisited on Nick and Shirley’s valiant Victorian Barry Dock Tours.

What a reputational rise in seeing our town become a magnificent magnet for regeneration and rejuvenation.

Barry, once the largest coal exporting port in Britain, before a slow decline and a fast downward dip in the car crime ridden 80’s, is back with a bang.

The wonderful Waterfront side with its shiny new homes, trendy foodie feasts, potential upmarket marina.

All lovingly linked up to the Gavin and Stacey boosted Barry Island, complete with Danter’s daring plans and the toilet block building bonus.

In my view, what we need is a wider community cohesion project driven by tourism solutions and property plans that benefit the whole of beautiful Barry.

So fingers crossed for the Marina to make a start.

What do you think?


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