Loud and Proud

How lush was Barry Pride.

What an absolute pleasure to see so many people take to the streets of our town to support our queer community.

Wow, didn’t the sun shine on the righteous too – thank you Universe!

I was certainly feeling the love as I walked through High Street to Academy. Just seeing the stage being set up, the buzz about the town, and the main drag resplendent in rainbow colours was so beautiful.

And then I walked around the corner…and boom! Seemed like the whole town had turned up and turned it on.

Massive shout out too to the wider South Wales LGBT community who came to our Party. Thank you – there’s always a warm welcome in Barrybados for you of course.

The Parade was awesome too. Colourful, flamboyant, chaotic, noisy, community-focused and inclusive – just how it should be.

I couldn’t quite get over that after giving it LGBT large all over the country that I was actually flying the Rainbow Flag in my hometown. Well, metaphorically speaking, because I left it at Academy in my rush to march with the Leather Men. Oops, that’s me on eBay today finding a replacement.

Barry Pride was bang on on the money having the Parade go right through the busiest road, the main event right in the middle of High Street, and for taking up as much space as possible in our town.

It’s absolutely all about visibility, and saying we are queer, and we are here!

Credit to the organisers too for having a free, open event. One of my mates was saying this week that she always loves the Pride Parades but hates the closed, high-fenced, security-manned events afterwards.

She says it’s like a closet and I think she’s got a good point.

Closets are for clothes as we all know, so I for one enjoyed milling about, chatting and catching up with friends and family.

I spent most of the afternoon with Mum, who was on her Pride debut, and a motley crew of mates, all genders, all orientations, all different.

And that is exactly what Pride is about.

It’s not just about the queers being able to celebrate who they are in a safe space, it’s also about the ever powerful Allies who show up in solidarity.

Thank you all for making Barry LGBT life so lovely.

I’m was totally overwhelmed by the support on Saturday and quite a bit shell shocked to be honest. Half the time I didn’t know what the Hell I was doing and where I was going, I was just so happy to be involved.

In these divise times we live in it was truly heartwarming to feel so much peace, love and togetherness.

Barrybados you played an absolute blinder – loudly and proudly.

Thank you.

Speak soon.


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