Blogging Barrybados Stylee

I can’t help but love our rough, tough, edgy, kind, sweet, generous, Gavin and Stacey synonymous town, with a passion.

And I would never lay my (leopardprint) hat anywhere else.

So what better way as a qualified journo, writer, and girl about town to talk about where we live, laugh, love…and occasionally cry, than through a blog.

As far back as when I was working on the Barry and District News, and Penarth Times as Editor, I have always been one of the town’s most voracious supporters, and proudest residents.

I always tried to talk up the town, take the rough with the smooth, highlight the positives, and wax lyrical on how fabulous our community is.

And that was in the days before the Waterfront regeneration, the Barry Island revamp, the now massive attraction of the place to live and work, and the iconic Gavin and Stacey so I had my work cut out!

I’ve also never been afraid to call out those who abuse their power in the town or give our cracking community a bad name.

It is the cliched chip wrappings now but I’m immensely proud of the six page ‘Vale of Shame’ B&D Special that blew open the then Council’s shenanigans…those were the days!

Let’s hope my weekly Sue’s View’s column helps bring some of those memories back.

But a with modern twist please as back then even the internet hadn’t even been invented never mind Social, and we were terrified in the newsroom by the advent of email!

Of course, I’m not just ‘Barry born, Barry bred, and Barry dead’, I do get about a bit.

As my very tightly-edited standard social media bio says, award-winning Queer Activist, Role Model, Pride Ambassador. Editor, journo, blogger. Runner, rambler, boxer. Cinephile, bibliophile, Gig Girl, and comedy genius.

So thats a lot to fit in – but I get double busy and try my damned best!

My occasional Out Of Town column will spotlight all this.

And I’ll use that to talk about, the fabulous places I go, brilliant people I meet along my journey, the communities I move in, and the campaigns I support.

Last but definitely not least, as a so called ‘pink professional’, I do move around in the Queer Sphere, just a bit, from Barry, to wider Wales, to London and beyond.

And there’s always a tale to tell there!

Although I may have recently stepped down from leading my organisation’s very successful LGBT Staff Network after five years, I very definitely still plan to still be an award-winning queer activist, Schools speaker, Stonewall Role Model…and party animal!

Looking forward to working closely with a range of LGBT groups and then socialising at the many fabulous events – in Barry, hopping on the 96 to Cardiff, and in my second home, the Big Smoke.

Work hard, play hard is my motto and you can read all about that in my Queer Sphere column.

At this point, I must also say a very big heartfelt thank you to those in my lovely Barry community, who have always supported me in my LGBT life – you are Rainbow coloured superstars!

So please enjoy my Barrybados blogs, and my tales when I’m out and about – all through the perspective of a queer and quirky local girl done good, of course.

I pinky promise to try to write with style, swagger, humour, honesty…and of course sensitivity when required.

Come get me keyboard!

Speak soon.



Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist.

She blogs about all things Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good

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