And here is everything else…..

I may have just slightly mentioned on this site that, apart from my fab little family, I have three great passions in my life – my music, my queer activism and my community.

And as everyone knows I love to write about those passions – with much energy and enthusiasm as, for me, it’s so easy to do.

Cheeky Sue’s View comment pieces are easy to churn out if you get about like I do, and the fantastic Fam are easily covered as I talk about ‘the kids’ so much even the proverbial glass eye nods off.

My love of music can easily be echoed in the write up of local bands, festivals and fundraisers that I draft to try to promote those musicians who put something back for a good cause.

And, Out of Town you’ll often find me front of stage, in the mosh pit or looking good on the dance floor, with my tribe, the gorgeous #GigGirls.

Of course, being a ‘pink professional’ in the poetically titled queer sphere, I can highlight the movers and shakers who are aiming to make our community, Wales – and wider, a more diverse and inclusive place to live, work and play.

Campaigns are easy too when I have Rachel’s powerful #itsoknottobeok life story, Soraya’s courageous #theglovesareon lived-in experience to highlight, and the fight to #keepcadstockalive.

But, as always though , there is more…and if I can spotlight any other cracking community stories from our town and around not typed up anywhere else – then it would be rude not to!

And here is where I will publish those – there is always to a tale to tell and if I am asked then I will tell it.

It’s a mixed bag with current content featuring a top triathlete, a trip to Westminster, a fab four rewarded, and Rhys rocking for his Dad.

So movers, shakers, activists, musicians, athletes if you’ve got something that needs well-deserved recognition, then please slide into my DMs – I‘m in!

Speak soon.



Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist.

She blogs about all things Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, queer and quirky, local girl done good.

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