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In the Barry community spirit of solidarity, locals, activists, and allies swiftly set up fundraisers and petitions to help a grief-stricken family, fight a crusading cause – or to simply just show some solid support for those floored by fate.

Find out about the petitions, protests, campaigns, causes, fundraisers and family appeals here:

Have Your Say

Replacement Local Development Plan 2021 – 2036.

Keep up to date with the Vale Council’s plans to prepare a new Local Development Plan (LDP).

Be part of the Community Involvement Scheme as they develop thevReplacement Local Development Plan (RLDP).

Consultation will be in Autumn 2021 to obtain the views of stakeholders.

And The Council say that all comments received will be duly considered and amendments made to the documents if required.

If you wish to be kept informed of progress on the RLDP, please register your interest here.

Help For Evie

Well-known local woman Natalie Horsell is raising funds for an ability scooter for her niece Evie, who had an accident in school which has caused her to lose the use of her leg.

The thirteen year old, who is in constant pain, needs help to walk, move, plus stand and cannot be left, now needs a wheel chair to get around.

Evie desperately needs an ability type scooter, which will make her independent without her being worried about what her peers think.

Please donate here if you can help.

The Hummingbird Bike Ride.

The Humming Bird 100 team, friends & colleagues will be cycling from Barry to Tenby on the 4th September. We are carrying out this fund raising event, to show our support & gratitude for Velindre Cancer Centre, for the way they have treated & cared for our good friend Mike Eddie Whyman.

Please donate for Mike and Velindre here.

Community Campaigns

Vale Communities Unite Against the Planned Development of Model Farm.

On July 14th the Vale of Glamorgan council planning committee voted by 9 votes to 8 to approve the building of a Business Park on a hundred acre tenanted farm. The potential developer for this site remains anonymous. 

This mixed farm has been cared for by four generations of the same family.
There was considerable local opposition to this planning application with over 1000 objections covering a wide range of issues.

Locals from across the area are fighting the decision.

Sign to protect our environment, ban building on farmland and green spaces here.

Please donate to the cause’s Go Fund Me Page here.

Find out more on the story here.

Local Petitions

VOG Council: Make vital improvements needed to the Colcot Sports Centre

Local man Mark Harvey has started the fight to find funds to make the crucial updates needed to the popular Colcot Sports Centre.

One of the most used sporting facilities in the Vale of Glamorgan, hundreds of people (children and adults) use the Centre for sports and exercise every week. Unfortunately it has not been upgraded for quite some time, been left to rot and allowed to become unsafe and unpleasant.

Please sign the Petition here.

Have The Council Refurbish The Richard Taylor Skate Park.

The Richard Taylor Skate Park built in memory of the Welsh inline skating and freestyle skiing champion from Barry who died in 2004, has become dilapidated, dangerous – and faces disappearing from our town completely.

Campaigning local are looking to our rallying residents to sign a petition to save the Save the Skate Park. Let’s help them in their fight for a solution with the Vale of Glamorgan Council who can’t find the £150,00 cash to keep this very popular place used by our young people, safe.

Please sign the Save the Skate Park Petition here.

Bring Back Our GP Services

While Covid restrictions are being eased across the UK, it is clear that many GP practices in Wales remain firmly in full lockdown mode.

One of the main issues is that appointment systems adopted by GPs during lockdown are still being used by many practices. Many still have only one telephone appointment system for both urgent and non-urgent cases where all patients have to call at 8 am. Telephone lines are constantly engaged and within minutes all available appointments have gone.  Many practices are still closed to patients for face-to-face appointments offering either telephone appointments or Zoom consultations.  We believe that this particularly disadvantages those without access to technology. 

We are seeking urgent action from the Welsh Government to address the current crisis and to request that GP practices resume pre-lockdown services to their patients.

Sign the Bring Back Our GP Services Petition Here Please.

Family Fundraisers:

Donate To Mind In Memory Of Loved Ones Lost To Suicide

Our town’s community has been rocked, and many families torn apart, by the spate suicides over the last few years.

This includes Chae Degaetano, seven young local lads who took their lives within nearly as many months – including Samuel Uphill, talented tattooist Lee Clements, popular local woman Sian Lewis, and many more who have found themselves in the deepest and darkest places.

Many families and friends of these much-missed loved ones, support Mind, and ask for donations in memory of those they have lost so the mental health charity can be there for everyone who needs them.

Donate to Mind here.

Charity Causes:

Gobaith Suicide Support

Gobaith (Barri) have joined forces with CUBE (Community United Barry 4 Everyone).

CUBE, a collective of residents are campaigning to fund a permanent place that provides a series of services, including suicide support, for our community. They have come together to make a difference for families living with or affected by mental health , suicide, grief and loss , domestic abuse and substance misuse.

Many of them have lived-in experiences of dealing with services, some of them have been supported in the past by other agencies, and others have been instrumental in setting up groups within Barry to help.

Thanks for being a huge part of the mrssvj.co.uk story too, and good luck with the rest of your journey – Rachel, Gobaith, and CUBE.

Help CUBE make a difference here.

Stand Up To Racism Campaigns:

Help Mohamud Hassan get the justice he deserves

Mohamud Hassan, 24, was arrested in his Cardiff home on Friday 8th January under the most violent of circumstances. Twenty South Wales police officers removed all occupants from the residence leaving Mohamud alone. 

We are attempting to raise money for funeral arrangements and legal fees. A case has been opened however to ensure justice we are also looking into opening a private case of our own.

Support the Justice for Mohamud Campaign here.

BLM (Cardiff) have set up a Link Tree for the Mohamud Hassan Campaign.
This includes Mahamud Hassan Fundraiser, Justice4Mahamud Petition, Lee Jasper Blog, Body Cam Footage Police Petition, and a Welsh Media Report, all in one place.

Check out the Mohamud Hassan Link Tree here.


On 17 February 2021, Mouayed Bashir, a 29-year old Sudanese man died after being forcibly restrained by Gwent Police at his home in Newport, South Wales.

Police arrived at Mouayed’s home after his parents called 999 when he began to experience a mental health crisis. Several vehicles and a large number of police officers attended the property. 

Although not under arrest, he was placed in handcuffs and leg restraints, and subsequently died.

The family want to find out how he died, and why Gwent Police behaved like this. Then they will take action.

Support the Justice for Mouayed Campaign here.

Justice for Christopher Kapessa

Christopher’s body was found in the River Cynon, on 1 July 2019, after he and others were out by the river. An initial investigation by SWP concluded that Christopher’s death was as a result of a ‘tragic accident’.  

After concerns were raised, the force’s major crime investigation team was brought in.   On 19 February 2020, the CPS wrote to the family stating that there was sufficient evidence to support a charge of manslaughter but that a prosecution was not in the public interest.

The family wants the CPS decision reviewed but needs £10,000 for legal fees to get started, and more later to proceed.

Thank you for your support & donations to assist the family of Christopher get justice.

Support the Justice for Christopher Kapessa Campaign here.

Free Siyanda

On 25 May 2019, what started as a joyous bank holiday for Siyanda ended as a nightmare and changed her life forever. Without any provocation, Siyanda was racially abused and physically assaulted by adults much older than her.

Siyanda and her family expected the police to investigate the incident thoroughly but what they experienced was a litany of failures. To their horror Siyanda who has disabilities, was arrested and then charged with GBH, and she was convicted and sentenced to four and half years on 13 March 2020.

An appeal was dismissed by a single Judge. An onward right of appeal to the Court of Appeal has now been lodged and representation has been secured by Siyanda’s new legal defence team Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd who have retained Michael Mansfield QC to advocate on behalf of Siyanda at her appeal.

The national campaign ‘Free Siyanda‘, was launched to right the wrong and ensure that justice prevails in this case. 

Support the Free Siyanda Campaign here.

Thank you all who have donated, shared, and supported.

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