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One thing that has struck me since the star of this crazy Corona Virus is the kindness of our Barry businesses going over and above to take our town through these tough times.

And one Barry based food firm has certainly put their money where there mouth is by continually feeding our crucial key workers with their delicious Indian Street Food.

Now Tiffin Rasoi, the well-respected Holton Road business, are asking the community they are so much part of, to pay it forward please.

Due to the current worldwide Covid19 pandemic, they are raising money for Bangladesh families severely affected by the global lockdown.

And are in quarantine with absolutely no income, food and medications.

Of course , the Takeaway Team totally appreciate that some families in Barry, Wales, and wider, are also struggling financially – that goes without saying.

They have already supported the Big Night In on Thursday April 23rd by donating £5 from every order to support local charities and projects in the UK.

This includes making sure people are safe from harm, mentally healthy and with access to food, warmth and shelter; as well as helping people stay connected, active and positive through these extraordinary times.

But lets also not forget that in the poorest countries of the world, if you do not work for income you, and your children, will literally starve. There is absolutely no access to state benefits, loans or grants, and there is certainly no chance of you getting free medication.

The Tiffin Rasoi Raffle is therefore the ideal way to play your part in raising some much-needed funds for the Bangladesh Families. And you might even win thirty quid worth of vouchers to treat yourself to their top takeaway food.

All you have to do is donate what you can through the Just Giving Page. This places you in prime position as one of the five winners to scoop the Raffle Prize on April 30th 2020.

Each time you pick a marvellous meal, why not add £1, £2 or £5 to your order and then be entered into the draw to win free food.

More details on this great donation giveaway, and the part Tiffin Rasoi play in our community, can also be found on their Facebook Page.

The funds being raised will go towards providing Bangladesh with a food package that includes rice, lentils, onions, cooking oil, potatoes, spices, chick peas, sugar, milk and soap.

If anyone is able to donate to this cause, no matter how little, it would be very much appreciated.

Thanks to everyone in our terrific town who have already stepped up to the plate to support.

In my view, Tiffin Rasoi, who cook up my favourite Indian Street Food ever, are an integral part of Barry. This appeal is close to their heart, so for me, it is our way to show our appreciation for all they do everyday.

And for what they are doing during these testing times to support our NHS staff, and other key workers.

It is also a truly kind gesture to help parts of our poverty stricken global community fight their way through this pandemic.

Please place your orders here and Pay It Forward.

We are all in this together.

Thank you

Speak soon.



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Sue Vincent-Jones, writing as Mrs SVJ, is a Barry born journalist, editor, and communications specialist. She blogs about Barry – and her life in the wider world, through the eyes of a, quirky and queer, local girl done good.

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