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I’ve randomly picked up a little queer survey this week through that slightly strange social media site Linked In.

I don’t know about you but it just looks like a place where everyone just whacks their CV online.

All in the hope that a keen young recruiter will surf along the super highway and pluck them from that boring job with that crap over promoted boss.

Headhunted as they say in the corporate world. I myself have been approached many a time – quite a lot lately actually..must be this brilliant blog.

But it’s never as good as it sounds, it’s a lot of bother for little return and they never let you know how much coin you are actually going to get.

I’d love to be relaxed and say it’s about the happiness not the cash but with a mortgage to pay, two dependent kids, and a Gig Girl habit to support, I’m not going too!

Anyway, enough about me. One of my contacts Dan, was looking for volunteers for a fairly in-depth inclusion and diversity research project which took about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

He’s a cofounder at a startup company and hopes to launch a fair hiring platform for experienced professionals’ in Q1 2020.

Underpinning the platform is a psychometric measurement that aims to measure each individuals understanding and knowledge of all things diversity related.

Their team of business psychologists and organisational design professionals is led by a Professor in HR & Organisational Behaviour. And the research will hopefully be published in an academically next year.

It’s 100% anonymous and they did not log any IP data.

But it did take about 20 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back to complete!

I’m not asking you to that. Just calling on my key professional contacts to have a little think about fair hiring and the mechanisms around this.

And to please get in touch with Dan if you want to see the Survey, share your thoughts or find out more?

It’s always satisfying to help a Start Up, it might make a difference to our queer family too – the applications they pour over, the jobs they get and the fairness they feel from the recruitment process.

And who doesn’t want a fair hiring platform for us professionals as early as next year. Let’s be honest, it’ll make a change won’t it!

I took some time out to complete the Survey and do my good turn today. Coming out of the blue, it’s my random act of kindness in response to all those others who have helped me.

Pay it forward.

Speak soon.


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