It’s All About We!

As my bog standard social media bio reads I’m a Queer, editor, writer, communicator. Politico, campaigner, entrepreneur. Runner, rambler, dancer, boxer. Cinephile, gig girl, comedy genius.

And that is exactly what I will blog about here – my passions, my communities, my world.

But it’s not all about me, it’s all about we. I may hit the keyboard with my perfectly manicured fingernails but it’s the people who make my world so wild, worthy, and wonderful that I will write about.

I’m often asked as an ex-Journo to write pieces for friends and family to help their Charity fundraisers  – and here is the place that you can view them…when I say Yes!

I want to help to shine the editorial spotlight on those friends, fighters, and kick ass campaigners who have;  the courage to fight back when life knocks them down, the strength to keep going against adversity, the swagger to celebrate success, and the faith that we can really make that crucial difference in this world.

Your vibe attracts your tribe – and these warriors are in mine.

This is the space where I can make my small contribution to helping those who help others. I am certainly not for profit. If you are helping someone and expect a reward, that’s business not kindness.

I am also steering well clear of my profession, my private life, politics with a capital P, and, unlike my much-loved polemic Julie Burchill, I will in no way be overtly controversial.

But I will happily showcase all the stories of the wonderful work being carried out by the many courageous and inspirational role models who are out there fighting for change, for funds, for fairness, and for others.

So please feel free to click the magic menu button on the top left to check out my site on a regular basis  – then like, share, smile, and get involved.

I’ll definitely tap up a few old (and young) journo contacts too to get these stories into the local, national (and international!) press, and all over social media.

Big thanks to those trailblazers for giving me the chance to tell their story.

I’m well happy – alive, grateful, blessed and all that!