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Emma Edworthy crosses the finish line is South Africa.

A first dabble into the tough world of 70.3’s has led Barry’s very own Iron Woman on an epic journey from parts of Ireland to Port Elizabeth.

Emma Edworthy, from the Waterfront,  was on the start line of inaugural Dun Laoghaire 70.3 and then on the blocks for the World’s in South Africa just two weeks later!

This was her first dabble in the 70.3s (which is half Iron Man in plain English!) after realising that doing a full every year was just too much – not just for her but for her ‘long-suffering’ friends and family too.

Emma said: “Well what a surprise it was being on the start line for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in South Africa one sunny, hot and windy Saturday in September – amazingly I qualified in my first race in Lahti in Finland.

And as exciting and terrifying as this was there was also the slight issue that I was already signed up to do Dun Laoghaire 70.3 less than two weeks out from South Africa –the world’s toughest they say!”

She added: “So fresh legs on the start it would not be – knackered and broken more like it.  But I did not care – just to be there was a dream come true – racing with some of my sporting hero’s was out of this world.

My main aim was to just finish and not be eaten by a great white. I will be forever grateful to the divers and their sonars that kept us safe that day – I did wave at them (obvs!) and they even waved back.”

Congratulations to Emma from all of us – we look forward to hearing all about the next epic Triathlon…and what part of the world it is in!

Speak soon.




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