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Cancer campaigner Soraya Kelly and her team with supportive Vale of Glamorgan AM Jane Hutt.

Courageous campaigner Soraya Kelly has taken the fight for early cancer detection awareness all the way to Theresa May at Number Ten.

The determined breast cancer survivor has called on the Prime Minister to publicly and proactively support #theglovesareon – and the Foundation now set up to benefit from its fundraising.

Mum of four Soraya, started the Campaign earlier this year in a bid to raise awareness of early detection and prompt treatment of the disease.

The forty eight year old only realised she had Grade 3 cancer due to her 11 year old implants pushing out a lump. Scarily, this would have been completely missed had she not had the cosmetic surgery some years earlier.

Soraya, who underwent a lumpectomy and weeks of gruelling daily radiotherapy, then launched the courageous campaign in a bid to highlight this issue calling out to others to come and stand alongside her in support.

After candidly sharing her story on social media, a whole host of celebrities, politicians, sports stars, companies, community groups, cancer survivors, and those who have been affected by the disease soon stepped up to help.

This included Vale of Glamorgan MP and Welsh Secretary Alan Cairns, and the ever supportive local constituency Assembly Member Jane Hutt.

Soraya and some of the crew, Sue Vincent-Jones, Eleanor Jenkins, and Nathan Palmer  visited the Labour AM at the Senedd recently to discuss the Campaign.

Jane said: “I was really pleased to welcome Soraya and some of her team to support her campaign#theglovesareon. Soraya told me how her campaign seeks to promote early detection, fighting, and raising awareness of, all types of cancer. She also mentioned the work she is doing to harness the support from Welsh sports personalities, politicians and community groups.

I first met her on the Mother’s Day walk in memory of local campaigner Lesley Woolcock, who also did a huge amount of work to raise awareness of ovarian cancer. Soraya’s energy and commitment is truly inspiring – it was great to meet her and some of the campaigners.”

Soraya now hopes that the London politicians will follow suit.

She said: “My letter to Theresa May is in the hope she can actively, and visibly, support my #theglovesareon campaign, to raise awareness of cancer in general and the vital importance of early detection.

I also told her about the Soraya Kelly Foundation, a registered charity which will be funded by #theglovesareon through the shop I am setting up. I made it clear this will support any worthy cause as I am committed to diversity and inclusion in everything I do. Cancer, which touches on us all, doesn’t discriminate and I don’t either.”

Soraya is now waiting for a response from the Premier with an opportunity to meet her in person to discuss the stunning success of the Campaign, the launch of the Foundations and the fantastic plans for the future.

#theglovesareon is all about the courage to fight back when life knocks you down, the strength to keep going against adversity, the swagger to celebrate success, and the faith that we can really make that crucial difference in this world.

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